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 I am so glad you are here.

Taking the first step can be nerve-wracking, but here you are and I'm in it with you.

Relationships, whether with yourself or another person, are one of the most profound things we will ever do in our lives. We have a human need to feel connected to ourselves and others. We crave it.

I believe everyone desires healing but it can also be really uncomfortable to venture into the places we have kept closed off. Ultimately we want to live our best lives. Often, it can be so intimidating to begin that journey, that our pursuit for wholeness ends before it begins. Until now... 

This is your time. 

  It is my goal to give my clients a safe and judgement-free therapeutic environment where they can explore the deep roots, find freedom, healing, and wholeness.

Whether you have been to counseling before or this is new to you, I hope to be a support to you along your way. Finding the right fit in a therapist is very important. 

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Our story isn't always accurate. Our experiences shape our perspectives leaving us with a narrative that may not truly reflect or honor who we are.

 I hope to guide my clients through these areas of their story that are no longer serving them or were not meant for them to begin with and help them heal.

For the past 15 years, I have worked in the helping professions in some capacity.

In my early college years, I spent time diving into the world of Criminal Justice working with various agencies, including Victim Witness helping individuals have a voice so they can begin to heal the trauma they experienced. 

 I graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice & Criminology.

I have a strong yearning to understand people and what makes them who they are.

 That is where my desire for helping people heal and grow was truly cultivated. I had always planned to go into Law until I felt the tug of a different calling.  

Earning my Master's in Counseling with an emphasis in Marriage, Family & Child Therapy was my first step into that purpose.

I always tell people this is the best job I have ever held and I truly feel privileged to be a small part in my client's healing process. 

Life experiences have the opportunity to bring people together and I fully believe that applies to every client who walks through my door.


I believe everyone's therapeutic journey is truly their own and no two stories are the same. For that reason, I like to draw from various Treatment modalities to meet my client's needs.  I utilize an integrative approach that is grounded in attachment theory. It is important to have healthy relationships with ourselves and others. My goal is to make therapy a personalized experience for my client and help them to identify the areas where they would like to see healing.


 I am married to a First Responder and together we have miracle babies and our sweet pup.

 In my free time, I enjoy camping, gardening, college football, building furniture, writing, hosting gatherings and spending time with my family.

I look forward to guiding you on your journey.



“You are valuable because you exist. Not because of what you do, or what you have done, but simply because you are”.

Max Lucado

Start Here...

Wild Nature
Holding Hands


A Happier, Healthier You

 I see individuals struggling with various life challenges. I help provide support as you learn to identify areas of change, build healthier coping skills, establish and build healthy boundaries and grow in your  journey towards feeling more whole.

Areas of focus include:



Relationship Challenges


Family Therapy

Identity and Personal Development

Specialized Areas

First Responder Support *

Perinatal Mood Disorders*

(Most commonly referred to as Postpartum Depression or Anxiety) 

Infertility/ Fertility Challenges (more information below)

Birth Trauma *


Come Together, Gain Understanding

Are you getting ready to start your life together?

Maybe you already have but are looking to enhance your relationship or have encountered the bumps in the road.

I provide services for couple seeking to prepare for marriage and for those looking to explore the challenges and create better avenues for improved communication and intimacy. 

Areas of focus include: 

First Responder Marriage & Relationships

 A Fun and Interactive Approach to Pre-marital Counseling


 Sex & Intimacy Issues

 Marriage & Infertility

 Marriage & Postpartum

White Sands


Strengthening Relationships

My heart is working with first responders and spouses. As a wife of a first-responder, I know first hand the complexity this line of work can often bring to the marriage and parenting roles. Unfortunately, our families are not free from challenges that negatively effect relationships. I am so passionate about offering support around helping individuals and couples that struggle with communication, feeling disconnected from self and others, substance use, infidelity issues.  There is often so much intensity in this line of work, my passion is to help clients create a good rhythm rather than" balance" for their life and relationships. Counseling offers an opportunity to process the realities of the job while creating a better understanding of everyone's  needs.


You Are Not Alone

It can feel like the loneliest journey. No one's story of infertility is the same. It can be filled with sadness, anger, bitterness, disappointment, anxiety, grief, loss, anticipation, confusion, but also desire, determination and hope. For those who struggle with infertility, the journey to create your family is unique and a complete roller coaster. As a person, I know this road all too well.

I knew after my own experience of looking for someone to support me along my journey, for a place to share my experience and coming up short with someone who also walked through infertility, my purpose was clear. 

As a therapist, with great compassion and understanding , I support  individuals and couples who are on this journey.

It is often difficult to find support even from those who are close to us. They have the best intentions but often lack in the ability to understand the ache in the deepest parts of our being. 

Areas I have experience in include:

Female and Male Infertility

Unexplained Infertility

Support through IUI and IVF

Pregnancy after Infertility


So whether you and/or you partner have been recently diagnosed, you are currently in the process of treatments, or are looking for support during or after your pregnancy, I would like to invite you to contact me to learn more about how I can support you.

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Let's Chat

One of my missions is to empower women who are gathered together. Through shared experience and normalizing what many women have encountered, you are able to see strength increase and confidence grow. I love seeing women live to their truest potential.


Topics I have had the privilege speaking about include:

  • Finding Beauty in Motherhood

  • Living in Your Authentic Self

  • Fire Wife Life: A Marriage in Focus

  • Infertility/ Fertility Challenges




This group is offered to Fire Wives who are in any stage of infertility. 

Life as a Fire Wife brings such a unique dynamic. With an emphasis on "family", it can be very isolating even in our Fire Wife World. 

In this group we will navigate these waters together. Finding the safe place between these two worlds. 

My hope is that you will feel seen, heard and supported in your journey. 

Group is currently on hiatus with possible start of early November. 

 To get on interest list, send email by clicking button below.

Welcome: Services
Welcome: Services


A support group for women traveling down the path of fertility treatment. It is a difficult road to navigate and can feel extremely isolating. This group provides support and encouragement with women "who just get it". You don't have to go through it alone. You don't have to carry the shame, sadness, hopelessness, disappointment, confusion or anger alone.

Whether you have received a new diagnosis and need to process or are currently in the midst of IUI/IVF/etc, this group is for you! We can support and encourage you every step of the way!

This group is currently full. 


If you would like to be included in waitlist for the next start date send me an email today!


Let's be honest...We are strong but it takes a village!

Fire Season is almost here! As we know, this time of year can present challenges in our marriage, family and parenting dynamics.

This group is designed for women who have husbands in the fire service.

This group offers a supportive and therapeutic environment to share the challenges that arise during this sometimes lengthy season. 

We touch on topics such as: 

-Managing home, work/life balance.

-How to manage feeling disconnected from spouse.

-Emotions associated with the stress of your spouse being gone and coping skills to build you up while he is gone. 

-Provides a safe and therapeutic space  with women WHO GET IT!

This is closed group open to anyone in California.

Group will be conducted via Telehealth (Zoom)  from the comfort of your own home!

Welcome: Services

Postpartum Support
for the First Responder Mama

This group is designed for mamas who are currently in the first year of postpartum who is a first responder or the partner/spouse of a first responder. Having a new baby brings so much excitement. It also brings change and transition. Basically it's a mixed bag, let's be honest. There are added and unique features to the postpartum life when you are a part of the first responder community. The hope for this group is to feel seen, troubleshoot the changes to the family dynamic under the first responder family lense, and create connections with other mamas in a similar stage. This group will start in mid October and space will be limited 8 participants to create a more intimate environment. Group is conducted via Zoom 12:30pm-1:30pm Cost is $50 per session.



I love helping my clients develop the tools they need to cope with all of life’s challenges.

Contact me today to learn more and book a session.

I am currently scheduling sessions on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Be sure to tell me what day is preferred. 


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